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    Good home cooking takes too much effort.
    That's where we come in.


    You relax, we’ll do the meal prep.

    You’re busy. We get it. We prep and par-cook Tovala Meals so making dinner takes up as little of your time as possible. Eating a healthy, freshly-cooked meal is as easy as scanning a barcode.

    Tovala Couple

    Meet the Tovala.

    The Tovala Steam Oven allows our chefs to control your meal up until your food is done cooking. The Tovala gets our chefs’ cooking instructions from the cloud so that it knows how to steam, bake, and broil your food to perfection.

    See What Else The Tovala Can Do

    Here’s how Tovala works.

    Step 1
    Step 1

    Order Meals

    You pick your meals each week, and they show up at your door pre-prepped, ready to be cooked.

    Step 2
    Step 2

    Press Start

    You put the meal in the Steam Oven, scan the barcode, and press start. That's it. Really.

    Step 3
    Step 3


    You do your thing while your food cooks, then enjoy a delicious meal 15-20 minutes later.

    The Tovala App puts you in charge of your Steam Oven.

    Cook your own ingredients with your smartphone. Choose from the app’s list of chef-created recipes, or program the Tovala to steam, bake, and broil to your heart’s content.

    Available on iPhone and Android
    "Taking restaurant cooking to the home kitchen with very little effort. The Tovala oven makes it possible. I am impressed."
    Todd SteinExecutive Chef | 4-Star Restaurant Group

    Risk-Free for 180 Days

    That’s how long you’ll have to return the Tovala, no questions asked. We’re that confident that you’ll love it. We also stand behind the Tovala with our 2-year warranty.

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