Our goal is to
help make it easier
to eat better.

We believe that you should never have to compromise between convenience, health and taste.

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That’s why we created Tovala Meals.

You’ll pick healthy, delicious meals each week that arrive at your door fresh, prep-prepped, and ready to cook. All you’ll do is pop them into your Tovala Steam Oven and press start. Here’s what we do to make that possible:


We create

Our chefs think up unique, well-rounded recipes that use fresh, clean ingredients.

We prep

We marinate proteins, chop veggies, add spices, and par-cook certain ingredients so that everything can go into your Steam Oven at the same time.

We ship

We pack everything in recyclable packaging and ship it to your doorstep in insulated boxes, fresh and ready for you to enjoy.

All you’ll do is put them into your Steam Oven and press start.

Our expert chefs create our meals to balance flavor with health.

“I believe in 3 things – culinary variety, healthy meals, and big, delicious flavors.”

- Alexander Plotkin, Chief Culinary Officer

Some of our favorites…

Ancho Lime-Glazed Salmonwith Herbed Ancient Grains, Cumin-Spiced Carrots & Pineapple

Southwest Chicken Breastwith Pozole Verde

Thai Turkey Meatballswith Cilantro Brown Rice, Roasted Green Beans & Hoisin Glaze

Asparagus & Sweet Pea Baked Rigatoniwith Shredded Parmesan & Gremolata

Garlic Herb Chicken Breastwith Caramelized Onion Balsamic Quinoa & Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Miso Veggie Stir-Frywith Sesame Ginger Brown Rice Pilaf

Sweet Chili Salmonwith Chana Masala & Cucumber Raita

Sunflower Satay Tofu Steakwith Sesame Ginger Brown Rice &
Garlic Green Beans

Curried Turkey Meatballswith Sweet Pea Farro &
Tikka Sauce

BBQ Chicken Pastawith Smoked Cheddar & Coleslaw

Pulled Chicken Fajita Bowlwith Black Bean Rice Pilaf

We offer two meal delivery plans:

Single Serving
Single Serving Pick three meals weekly, get one portion of each.
$36.00 | Free Shipping
Single Serving Pick three meals weekly, get one portion of each.
$36.00 | Free Shipping
Double Serving Pick three meals weekly, get two portions of each.
$72.00 | Free Shipping