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Risk-free for 180 days.

No prep and no worries

We're confident you'll love your Tovala Steam Oven, but just in case you're not completely happy with your experience, you're free to return it for any reason within 180 days of your purchase.

Use it as much as your heart desires

Once you have your Steam Oven, take your time getting to know it. Enjoy some Tovala Meals, cook your own food, and figure out if the Tovala is right for you.

Returns are free and easy

If you decide the Tovala isn't right for you, all you'll do is pack yours it in its original packaging and send it back to us using a prepaid shipping label. No packaging? We'll ship you some.


What is the return process?

Just email and ask for a refund. We'll send you a return shipping label, and if necessary, packaging. Then you'll either schedule a package pickup with FedEx or drop it off at one of their shipping centers.

Do I need to keep the original packaging?

If you think there's a good chance you'll be returning the Tovala, we'd appreciate if you kept the packaging. If you've discarded it, no worries. We can always send you some more.

What does the warranty cover?

We have complete confidence in the quality of the Tovala Steam Oven, so our two-year warranty covers manufacturer's defects in materials and workmanship of the Tovala Steam Oven. If your Tovala has any issues due to a defect, we'll exchange it at no cost.

Start eating better in a way that works for you.

Risk-free for 180 days. Full refund. Seriously.

BEST IF: You want to try Tovala Meals without a long-term commitment.

Just the Steam Oven


or as low as $36/month with . Learn more


BEST IF: You don’t want to commit to a minimum number of Meal Boxes.

Dinner is Solved


or as low as $18/month with . Learn more


within 12 months

BEST IF: You know you want Tovala to handle dinner.

Pricing & Billing FAQs
What's a Meal Box?

A Meal Box is a single shipment of Tovala Meals, delivered once a week. You'll choose between two Meal Box options. Our Single Serving box gives you 1 serving of 3 Tovala Meals for $36. Our Double Serving box gives you 2 servings of 3 Tovala Meals for $72. Our menu changes on a weekly basis, and you can switch back and forth between Single and Double Serving Meal Boxes any time. You’ll choose your box size and Tovala Meals as you go through the ordering process.

What happens if I don't order all of my Meal Boxes within 6 or 12 months?

If you choose the "A Taste of Tovala" plan, you have 6 months to order 4 Meal Boxes. If you choose the "Dinner is Solved" plan, you have 12 months to order 24 Meal Boxes. If you haven't ordered your required Meal Boxes before the deadline, your card will be charged for the remaining Meal Boxes. We’ll charge you $36 for each Meal Box you did not purchase by the time the deadline hits. The $36 price is based on the cost of a Single Serving Meal Box, and then that will be multiplied by the number of boxes you did not purchase. When we charge you, we will add corresponding meal credits to your Tovala account that you can redeem at any time.

Can I skip Meal Box deliveries?

Of course. You can easily skip Meal Box deliveries for weeks when you're busy, out of town, or just don't want them! If you choose “A Taste of Tovala” and agree to buying 4 Meal Boxes, you can skip as often as you'd like as long as your 4 boxes are ordered within 6 months of your Steam Oven purchase. If you choose “Dinner is Solved” and commit to 24 Meal Boxes, you can skip as often as you'd like as long as your 24 boxes are ordered within 12 months of your Steam Oven purchase.

When and how much will I be billed?

You'll be billed for the Steam Oven when you place your order. You'll be billed for Meal Boxes Sunday at 4 p.m. CT on weeks you order meals. You'll only be billed for the number of meals you order on a given week. Each meal is $12, so you'll be billed $36 per Single Serving Meal Box (3 meals/week), or $72 per Double Serving Meal Box (2 servings of 3 meals/week).

If I order just the Steam Oven, can I still order Meal Boxes?

Sure can! You can order Meal Boxes after buying just the Steam Oven, either immediately after checkout or whenever you like from the account that gets created with your Steam Oven purchase.

How do I order more Meal Boxes once I've completed my minimum meal order?

You can decide when to order Meal Boxes whenever you want from or in the Tovala App. You can also skip a week of receiving meals, pause meal deliveries, or cancel at any time without penalty.

What if I don't want the Steam Oven or meals after I order?

You can return your oven, no questions asked, for 180 days. We make it incredibly easy to do so—we'll even pay for your shipping. If you choose to purchase a Tovala Steam Oven at a price point that comes with a Meal Box minimum and then return the Steam Oven, we won’t charge you for the Meal Boxes you have left to buy to meet the minimum.

Dinner is
serious business.

That's why we're here 7 days/week to answer your questions.