Steam Oven - Tovala

Steam Oven

Kitchen technology hasn't changed in 50 years.
Until now.

We've automated traditional cooking to make it easier for you to eat better.

The Tovala is a steam oven that uses a barcode scanner to cook Tovala Meals perfectly.


Scan It

and the Tovala gets data from the cloud to know how to cook that specific meal perfectly.


Start It

and the Tovala follows our chef's recipe, switching between steaming, baking and broiling


Enjoy it

The Tovala sends your phone a notification when your meal is ready. Bon appetit!

The Tovala App gives you control over your Steam Oven.

The Tovala doesn't just cook Tovala meals - you can program it to cook your own food too!

Oven App

At our core, we’re still into the classics.

Even with our advanced technology, we rely on tried and true cooking methods to cook in the Tovala.



Combine wet heat with convection baking for juicy results.


Convection Bake

Cook with convection heat for uniform heat anywhere in the Tovala

Convection Bake


Create some char with radiant heat from the top coils

Take a look under the hood.

External Cabinet

Height - 14"
Width - 19.75"
Depth - 17"

Internal Chamber

Height - 9.25"
Width - 12.875"
Depth - 12.25"


33 lbs
Tovala Oven